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Mission to Poland



Riesenbach and Anmuth Families

Riesenbach and Anmuth Families in Warsaw, Sept. 2000

Joseph, Ruth and Ron Riesenbach (Canada) and their cousins Natalio, Anita, Gabriel and Marisa Anmuth (Agentina) traveled together on a mission of re-discovery to Poland between September 19 and 26, 2000.

This website tells the story of that visit and the histories of the Riesenbach and Anmuth families.



Human kindness, compassion, common decency.

As the child of a survivor, I have been raised under the weight of the idea that I am alive only because of selfless human kindness. If not for Julia, Jozef and Janina Bar, my family would surely have been transported to Auschwitz to die in a gas chamber.

The horrors of the Holocaust are, unfortunately, replayed again and again in trouble spots around the world as genocidal hysteria grips nations. The only thing we have keeping us in check is the trans-generational memory of what can happen when intolerance is allowed to take control of a society.

The story of the survival of the Riesenbachs is but one small story among hundreds and thousands of stories of the victims of the Holocaust. Most will never be told. I created this Website as a small historical record and communication channel for the sake of my children, and the children of others who care about the survival of the Jewish people.

It is my obligation and my honour to help tell my father's story.



Joe Riesenbach Memorial

Story of the Survival of the Riesenbachs
Joe Riesenbach

Audio Interview with Jacob Riesenbach
Interviewed by Ron Riesenbach (Oct-86)

Poland Trip Travel Diary
Joe Riesenbach (Oct-00)

Joe Riesenbach Shoah Video Interview Part 1 (27 mins)

Joe Riesenbach Shoah Video Interview Part 2 (27 mins)

Joe Riesenbach Shoah Video Interview Part 3 (14 mins)

September 2000 Poland Trip Photo Archive
Ron Riesenbach (Oct-00)

Argentinian Newspaper Interview
Gustavo Mandará (Original Spanish)
English Version (Generated English)

Canadian Jewish News Article
Paul Lungen (Dec-00)

Family Tree Showing Rubenfeld/Anmuth/Riesenbach connection (".pdf" file)
Ron Riesenbach

Beautiful Photos from the 1960's including Sam & Sophie Letinsky and Jacob & Eta Riesenbach.

Photos from the wedding of Wacek and Ela including the thank-you note sent to the 10 grandchildren of Eta and Yakel who contributed to gift.
Wacek and Ela

Web Page from the City of Rzesow Mentioning Janina

Letter to the Shaarei Tefillah Syangogue regarding the Riesenbach Torah.

Pessach2002 and Ruth/Joe 50th Anniv.

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