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Bar-Mitzvah Weekend Photos  -  Almost 136 photos of the Bar-Mitzvah weekend.

Photo Diary  -  Almost 450 photos of Ariel from birth through to age 13. Don't wait for the 450 thumbnails to load. Just click on the partially loaded thumbnails to see the big images.

Parshat Va'Era  -  0.75MB MPEG file of Ariel singing his Maftir.

Haftarah Va'Era  -  4.7MB MPEG file of Ariel singing his Haftarah.

Dvar Torah Va'Era  -  2.2MB MPEG file of Ariel reading his Dvar Torah on the Parsha Va'Era.

Perla Chants Shlishi  -  1.4MB MPEG file of Perla introducing and then chanting the third aliah inParsha Va'Era, as she did on the day of her son's Bar-Mitzvah.